Maturex Pro will eliminate dry hop creep and shorten maturation time resulting in increased tank capacity.

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Maturex® Pro: Diacetyl be Gone!
Maturex® Pro: Diacetyl be Gone!
Maturex® Pro: Diacetyl be Gone!
Maturex Pro - Diacetyl be Gone! - BrewingWithEnzymes
Maturex Pro - Diacetyl be Gone! - BrewingWithEnzymes
Tank Occupancy Days - Reduce maturation time with Maturex Pro
Maturex® Pro: Diacetyl be Gone!

Maturex® Pro: Diacetyl be Gone!

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Say goodbye to Diacetyl!

Diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione, also known as vicinal diketones (VDKs), are flavor components generated at the beginning of fermentation. If they exceed the specific threshold, VDKs will give beer an undesirable off-flavor. Diacetyl, known for its butterscotch or buttery flavor, is the main contributor to these off-flavors.

The reduction in VDKs, carried out by yeast during storage, goes hand-in-hand with other maturation processes and is considered an essential criterion for evaluating the degree of maturation of beer.

Maturex® Pro is an Acetolactate-Decarboxylase (ALDC) enzyme which prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedion by converting precursors directly into the flavor-free end-products of acetoin and 2,3-pentanediol, reducing maturation time by 2-14 days, which ultimately saves time and money for the maturation process through higher capacity utilization and allows for lower energy consumption.

Benefits include:
  • Beer free of Diacetyl off-flavors
  • Prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in beer (butterscotch/buttery off-flavor)
  • Shorter maturation time leading up to higher-capacity utilization
  • Eliminate diacetyl rests
  • Reduce/eliminate Dry Hop Creep
  • Leaner process conditions for low-alcohol beers
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Beer maintains high quality index

Usage Info

Product Safety

For information on product safety, click here.

Dosing Instructions

It is recommended to dose Maturex® Pro with the yeast before chilled wort is added into the fermenter. Maturex® Pro works in conjunction with the yeast by eliminating the pre-cursors as they are excreted by the yeast and therefore works best when dosed with the yeast.


Maturex® Pro is a concentrated product and when used properly, can provide you with the benefits listed above.
Below is a calculated Cost/BBL of using the recommended dose 0.057g/gal to begin with and does not take into account any cost savings of reduced energy consumption or tank turn around.  
1.1 lb (500g) at $199:
  • Cost/BBL = $0.70/bbl
  • Produces ~284 bbl of beer
2.2 lb (1000g) at $349:
  • Cost/BBL = $0.61/bbl
  • Produces ~568 bbl of beer
Disclaimer: These Cost/BBL values are calculated based on barrels of beer in fermentation with a dose of ~1.76g/bbl (0.057g/gal at 31.5gal/bbl). Actual values may differ from the calculated values displayed here due to the actual dose required to achieve maximum benefit and therefore, are solely used for informational purposes only. Novozymes cannot guarantee the Cost/BBL values received using this product matching the values here, due to the variables associated with the brewing process and will have to be optimized for your individual brewing process.  


Recommended storage: 0-10 °C (32-50 °F) Packaging must be kept intact, dry, and away from sunlight. Please follow the recommendations and use the product before the best-before date to avoid the need for a higher dosage. Best before: You will find the best-before date in the certificate of analysis or on the product label. The product gives optimal performance when stored as recommended and used prior to the best-before date.

Diacetyl Formation During Fermentation

Diacetyl is one of the two vicinal diketones (VDKs), diacetyl (2,3-butanedione) and 2,3-pentanedione. During fermentation, their pre-cursors—α-acetolactate and α-acetohydroxy-butyrate—are excreted from the yeast cell and converted to diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione, respectively, via extracellular spontaneous oxidative decarboxylation. Late in the fermentation process and during maturation, diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione are then taken up by the yeast and reduced into the much less flavor-active compounds acetoin (3-hydroxy-2-butanone) and 3-hydroxy-2-pentanone.

Diacetyl formation is directly linked to adjunct ratio and yeast type, as well as yeast conditions during fermentation, such as stress due to low FAN, Maturex® Pro can prevent occasional peaks in diacetyl. Maturex® Pro is also used in the production of special beers made using special yeast strains, cool fermentation or stopped fermentation.

Maturex® Pro for Accelerated Diacetyl and 2,3,Pentanedione Reduction

Maturex® Pro is an acetolactate decarboxylase (ADLC). It reduces the formation of vicinal diketones by converting their precursors directly into acetoin and 3-hydroxy-2-pentanone, respectively. Maturex® Pro competes with the spontaneous decarboxylation of α-acetolactate to diacetyl. But this reaction is slow when compared with the action of Maturex® Pro.

Dosing Range

Recommended Dosing Parameters:
Dose in weight: 0.019 - 0.057 gram/gallon of chilled wort
Dose in volume: 0.017 - 0.049 ml/gallon of chilled wort
(Density of Maturex® Pro is 1.15 g/ml)
For 10 bbl brew you should dose in:
10 bbl = 310 gallons
0.057g/gal * 310gal = 17.6 grams of Maturex® Pro
(dose by volume: 17.6(g)/1.15(g/mL) = 15.3 mL)
Maturex® Pro cannot be overdosed.
  • We recommend a starting point of 0.057 gram/gal of chilled wort and then further optimize as needed.
  • For NEIPAs, we recommended starting at 0.076 gram/gal of chilled wort and further optimize as needed for dry hop creep.


How do I add Maturex® Pro?

Maturex® Pro is preferably added with the yeast before chilled wort is added into the fermenter, so it can begin working in early fermentation.
● Maturex® Pro works in conjunction with the yeast to maximize diacetyl prevention and is recommended to be dosed with the yeast.
● The recommended dosage is 0.019g - 0.057g per gallon of chilled wort. (0.5g - 1.5g per hectoliter).
● In some cases, a higher dosage may be required.
● The optimal dosage is reached when diacetyl levels are below the flavor threshold at the end of fermentation.

Maturex® Pro interacts with its environment, so the results are not only pH- and temperature-dependent, but also linked to yeast strain, wort composition and original gravity, therefore, each application needs to be individually optimized.

What others are saying about Maturex®

“Maturex® Pro has streamlined our production process by ensuring that we consistently and reliably clear VDK tests on schedule to not only get beer out on time but to maximize the capacity of our cellar by reducing lengthy maturation times."

- Tony Tielli, Head Brewer, Roughtail Brewing Co.

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