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Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners and the global community, we improve industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping to build better lives.

Together we find Biological Answers for Better Lives in a Growing World – Let’s Rethink Tomorrow. This statement sums up the purpose of Novozymes, as we look ahead to what we can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and others around us in terms of finding the sustainable answers that our worlds needs for generations to come.

Novozymes is known by its Innovation and global passion to make a difference in a growing world. As technology advances, innovation plays a key role in economic growth and through which digitalization takes center stage to reach new levels and engage with markets like never before. Through digitalization, the craft brewing industry is transforming into a more diverse community.

Brewing with Enzymes, is a new project where passion and digitalization meet in order to reach the craft brewing community with cutting edge biology that is taking craft brewing to a new level. For many years, Novozymes has been a supplier of brewing enzymes to large breweries around the world and has been very difficult for small craft breweries to source these products. Brewing with Enzymes is changing the future of craft brewing by offering the brewing products that for years have been making it possible for breweries to increase efficiencies, solve issues in brewing, becoming more sustainable and ultimately Brewing Better Beer!

Meet the Enzymes Experts

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is a Senior Research Associate at Novozymes and Co-Founder/Brewer at Tar Banks Brewing Co. in North Carolina. Growing up in a rural farming community, brewing interests began early on with fermentation in wine making. Having a diverse mechanical background and a degree in Biotechnology, his fascination with organisms on a molecular level paved the road for craft beer and homebrewing. After accepting a position with Novozymes, he learned about the many benefits of using enzymes where he worked closely in industries of biofuels, detergents, brewing, and fermentation. In 2017, he took his passion to the next level as Co-Founder of Tar Banks Brewing Co. and today he is using enzymes in his processes and providing guidance to fellow brewers with the use of enzymes for brewing.

J.D. Angell

Born in the backyard of beer, J.D. Angell grew up less than a mile from the world’s largest single brewing facility. Years of hazardous materials safety here and a brief bit of industrial scientific research would give way to a craft beer and home brewing passion. Time with a liquid yeast manufacturer spurred interest in enzymes and began the technical journey. Since then, a decade in professional brewing has included consulting on processing, equipment, and fermentation specifics. Heading operations in five time zones has broadened his horizons, brought in awards, and provided him much to share.

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