Achieve faster filtration and save money on raw material

Do you experience problems with low efficiency and slow process time? (e.g. long filtration time)

In this experiment we will demonstrate how you can achieve faster filtration with the use of enzyme. In this lab experiment we will show you how we achieved the following results:

  • Increase faster filtration up to 139 % (Yes, more than twice as fast depending on the raw material)
  • Decrease β-glucan up to 94 %


Even with the lowest dosage and pure malt, we increase the filtration with 41 % and decreased the β-glucan by 89 %!

Now you too can increase your brewing efficiency and process time with the use of Enzymes products, now available for microbrewery and craft breweries. Don’t fall behind the competition but get up to speed with enzymes in your brewing



About the lab experiment:

Inclusion of un-malted rye in brewing recipes can enable brew-masters to achieve very distinct flavours in the final beer. However, rye is very difficult to process in the brew-house, i.e. mash-separation is difficult to achieve within reasonable times. Furthermore, if beer-filtration is applied similar process issues will occur. The use of specific enzymes, present in ULTRAFLO® MAX, in the mashing process, significantly reduces the impact of rye derived substances, causing the separation/filtration issues. Consequently it enables the brewer-master to:

  • ensure constant and reasonable process times
  • vary recipes with inclusion rates of rye up to 50%, without variations in process time
  • Brewing stronger beers (higher gravity) without impact on brew-house process