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What is the delivery timeline?

Expected delivery is within 3 business days. All orders are shipped with UPS Next Day Air Shipping. We have chosen this option to minimize the time that the product is out in ambient temperature, and to increase enzymatic activity and shelf life.

Doesn’t the use of enzymes take the “Craft” out of Craft Brewing?

Enzymes are already present in the malt used for brewing, however these native enzymes are not as thermostable as exogenous enzymes, or enzymes added to into the process. Exogenous enzymes can correct issues with the brewing process and lead to more consistent brewing along with benefits of saving time and money.

Where can I find product safety information?

You can learn more about our product safety here.

For the Safety Data Sheet for a specific product, please click on the product name below:


Ultraflo® Max

 Will Ultraflo® Max change the flavor of my beer?

Not if you adapt the recipe to account for the higher efficiency. One of the benefits of using Ultraflo® Max is that you can achieve a higher efficiency. This means that you will have a higher extraction of sugar than normal. To account for this, you should cut back on your raw material, so you end up with the same concentration of sugar.

Will Ultraflo® Max affect attenuation or cause the fermentation final gravity to finish lower?

Ultraflo® Max will not increase attenuation. Ultraflo® Max is a blend of β-glucanase and arabinoxylanase that helps to breakdown both major cell wall components in the malt to reduce viscosity of the wort and increase wort separation. Due to this, more polysaccharides can become accessible in the mash which can help increase your brewhouse efficiency/extract, and can increase sugar concentration of the wort. The increase of sugar is reflected as a higher original gravity, or OG, and can offset attenuation so the beer can finish with a higher sugar concentration, or FG.

Can Ultraflo® Max reduce my mash and/or lauter time?

Yes, it is possible that Ultraflo® Max can reduce your mash and/or lauter time once it has been optimized for your brewhouse and recipe. This has been seen with high gravity brewing.

Can Ultraflo® Max help breakup doughballs?

Ultraflo® Max cannot directly breakup doughballs in the mash.

Maturex® Pro

I double batch over two days into the same fermenter; is it ok to add all of the Maturex® Pro dose into the fermenter on day one for both batches?

Yes, Maturex® Pro will work more efficiently the earlier you dose it into fermentation; it cannot be overdosed. Adding the full dose for two batches in the beginning of fermentation will keep the formation of the off-flavor components to a minimum.

Attenuzyme® Pro

Can I use Attenuzyme® Pro in my Fermentation?

It is not recommended to use Attenuzyme® Pro in fermentation unless you have the capability to pasteurize the finished beer product before packaging. The reason for pasteurization is to deactivate any enzymatic activity and/or yeast in the finished beer, because the packaged beer may change in flavor due to the enzyme further breaking down dextrins. This could leave the beer with a sweeter flavor and/or with yeast fermenting these sugars, creating higher alcohol and carbonation.

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