Achieve higher efficiency and save money

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Achieve higher efficiency and save money on raw material

Introduction to Novozymes, and how you can use enzymes to brew a better beer!

Lab results where we doubled the filtration speed and decreased β-glucan up to 94 %

Hear Mark's experience with using Novozymes' product and hear how he improve his effiency with 15 %

Mark Stevens

Owner and brewer at Tar Banks Brewing and researcher at Novozymes

" I have been using Ultraflo Max in several of my beers. From using that I have increased my efficiency by 15 %"

Achieve significantly faster filtration

Do you experience problems with low efficiency and slow process time?

In this experiment we will demonstrate how you can achieve faster filtration with the use of enzyme. We achieved the following results:

    • Increase filtration speed with 139 % (Yes, more than twice as fast)
    • Decrease β-glucan up to 94 %!

The results depend on the raw materials and dosage. But even with the lowest dosage and 100 % malt, we increase the filtration with 41 % and decreased the β-glucan by 89 %!


How Mark increased his efficiency by 15 %

Hear from a Craft Brewer, what his experience is with using Novozymes' efficiency product! Click the video to hear Mark's journey on using Novozymes' product and increasing his efficiency.

How much you can increase your efficiency depends on a lot of factors. These include your current efficiency, the raw material you are using, the equipment you are brewing with, and how you brew. Get in contact with one of our experts today, and hear you can improve your brewing.

Don't fall behind the competition

Now available for microbrewery and craft breweries, you too can increase your brewing efficiency and process time with the use of Novozymes' Enzymes products. Don’t fall behind the competition but get up to speed with enzymes. Fill out the contact form below, and hear from our experts how you can save money and improve your brewing!

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